The Luminous Desert Festival in Jaisalmer 2019

The Luminous Desert Festival in Jaisalmer 2019

The Luminous Desert Festival in Jaisalmer 2019

The wait is over and the radiant festival of the Indian Desert is here. The annual fest which is organised in the month of February every year, invites travellers from all over the world once again. The dates have been decided and follow a mythological calendar which says it is supposed to begin the third last day from the full moon.  So gear up and gather at the Dessert Festival of Jaisalmer 2019.


How to reach

The location of the Dessert Festival 2019 is amidst the mesmerising beauty of the Sam Dunes which is 42 kilometres from the city of Jaisalmer. The location is best suitable for the festival as it has not been spoiled by any means and is remote as well as romantic.

By Air: The upcoming visitor at the Dessert Festival 2019 can take a flight till the Jodhpur Airport which is another 380 kilometres from Jaisalmer. One can find several means of transport from there to reach the desired location.

By Road: The road connectivity is not an issue with Jaisalmer. One can take state buses, taxis, cab services and even the Volvo buses and enjoy the roadside view of the route which will add another gist to the overall trip to Desert Festival 2019.

By Train: The city of Jaisalmer has a railway station of its own which in the centre of the city. The travellers can take an auto-rickshaw and taxis to reach the well known location.


What awaits you at the Dessert festival 2019?

Everyone who is a part of the celebration has an excitement of their own. Be it the organisers or the locals, the performers and the visitors as well.  This particular festival in known to bring so many colours, that the residual shades of the dessert are nowhere to be seen. There is enthusiasm, smiling faces and traditional vibes all over the place.


Why is the Dessert Festival annual?

As per the legacy which is being followed for almost a thousand years, the festival is ought to be scheduled in the Magh month of Hindi calendar which is February and that too three days prior the full moon occurrence.

There is a mythological story behind this celebration which dates back to the era of Mahabharath in India. It is said the Lord Krishna once told Arjun, one of the pandavas that a successor of the Yadav’s will set up a kingdom in the Trikuta hills as he was once the ruler of the community. When the prophecy came true in the year 1196 and King Rawal Jaiswal did set up his kingdom in the area the celebrations were bound to happen. Ever since, the celebrations are organised in the remembrance of the prophecy become true and has now reached a whole new level. People from all over the country and the world come here to witness the tradition and vibrancy of the Dessert Festival in Jaisalmer.


When is it happening next?

The dates have been decided and they are pretty close as well. The Dessert Festival of 2019 is going to be organised from early morning of 17th February 2019 till the end of the night on 19th February 2019.


What all can be seen here?

The festival begins in the morning from the Jaisalmer Fort and extends till the Shahid Poonam Singh stadium. There is dancing and singing of the folk songs with instruments of their own telling about the various accomplishments and tragedies witnessed over the years in the dessert. The dancers or the appropriate term would be ‘nats’ and ‘kalabaz’ are ready to show cast their talent.

Camels are also an important part of this festival or one can say their involvement completes this Dessert festival of 2019. Camel races are organised with several other events like gymnastics on camel’s back and formation of them to form a crown. One can collect souvenirs from the shops and also taste the traditional delicious food. The festival ends on the day of Poornima when the full moon shines and is followed by Rajasthani Folk concert.

By Sugandha Singh on February 01, 2019

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