Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar

A universal world heritage site tucked away in the Mehrauli region of Delhi. This monument of excellence was built by Qutub Ud Din AIbak who founded the Delhi Sultanate and started the construction of Qutub Minar in 1192. It was finally completed by Sher Shah Suri attaching the Gate and giving the final piece of work to the Great Qutab Minar we know today. Because of its long time of construction, Qutab Minar has different architecture on its different story even the materials used were varying in the whole Minar.

A towering figuring this piece of Art stands away from all ht architecture built in this country. With a height of 73 meters and 14 meters diameter of its base, it is on the bucket list for everyone coming to Delhi to enjoy his/her holidays. 

Located at Mehrauli it has now been also called as Qutub Complex since there is the establishment of the famous iron pillar and the historical Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque which was the first ever mosque built in India.

How to Reach Qutab Minar

The nearest metro station the Qutab Minar Metro station from here you can take an auto or walk down the remaining pathway.

Qutab Minar is only 15 km away from IGI International Airport of Delhi so you can reach here early from Airport through a cab or taking a metro.

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Best Time to visit

Qutab Minar is opened throughout the week except on Mondays and you can visit here at any time of the day after 9 o ' clock and it closes after sunset.

Throughout the year anytime is good enough to visit Qutab Minar.

You can also visit Mehrauli Archaeological Park where you will get to see more than 100 monuments.

published by Kislay on 11/1/2019

photo contribution: Apoorva Jha(@apoorva_00)

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