Polo Tourism in India

Polo Tourism in India

In India more than 20 cities have Polo Clubs and Associations, which is unbelievable. Still, Polo has not been given good weightage in India as a sport. This game was originated in India in 1833. India is the parent land of Polo still is less popular in our but still we have certain destinations.  Many places in India which has polo clubs are today registered under the Indian Polo Association can be your next travel visit in India, if you are fond of Polo Playing.

  1. Manipur – The Place Where Polo took birth. Britishers introduced Polo to the world and Manipur claims it to be the motherland.
  2. Jaipur: In Jaipur Polo is a tradition not a sport which is a class of royal families.
  3. New Delhi: Delhi has some of the famous Polo clubs
  4. Gurgaon:  The only Polo Ground which was founded by Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda.
  5. Noida: Also considered as Polo Destination like Gurgaon drive down distance from Delhi.
  6. Kolkata: One of the Oldest Polo Clubs located in India
  7. Udaipur: A destination where the Polo has been played For Centuries
  8. Jodhpur: a rich Destination to experience a Royal Sport
  9. Chennai: Amazing Polo Experience
  10. Hyderabad: Good destination for Polo
  11. Bengaluru: A Perfect place for polo venue.
  12. Ajmer: Some best Polo Players are found in Ajmer
  13. Meerut: Less popular, but excellent destination for Polo
  14. Patiala: Best International Polo Club are found here
  15. Dehradun: Only Polo Academy in India
  16. Mumbai: The Most talked about Polo City in India
  17. Nashik: A hub of Polo Players
  18. Pune: Most Talked-About Polo Academy destination
  19. Ladakh: a Place to organize Polo Festival
  20. Bhavnagar: one of the appropriate destination for Polo.

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