Nagaur Cattle Fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair

Rajasthan is a state that has long been acknowledged for its forts, food, and competitions and one such festival is that the Nagaur fair or we will say Nagaur cattle fair. This fair happens on yearly basis within the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. The sheer quantity of cattle has been attracting people’s attention from while and also the fair is widely known with the utmost joy and drive to induce participated within the fair.

Nagaur may be a town sandwiched between the two illustrious cities of Rajasthan that are Bikaner and Jodhpur. the town contains many touristic places like Nagaur Fort and lots of different historical monuments however there's nothing in whole Rajasthan just like the Nagaur cows fair with the gathering of giant two hundred thousand cows animals within the fair that may be a sight to lay eyes on and it's solely seen within the Nagaur district of Rajasthan.

The competition itself is legendary for making an ideal end result of Art, Agriculture and Tradition of Rajasthan as a result of farmers from everywhere the state visit the competition with their stunning cattles like Camels, bullocks, and horses. The farmers are available in their ancient Rajasthani dresses with a number of them having long rounded moustaches that play beside their larger than life temperament. These farmers ar invariably accessible to own a fair chat and provides a peek into their existence of being the powerful onerous farmers of Rajasthan.

This fair is nearly necessary for all the photography lovers to go to since you'll be able to click such a large amount of smart footage and perhaps the right postcard footage for your yr cards.Whether you're a street lensman, landscape lensman, small lensman, portrait lensman or life lensman it's everything for everybody within the literal sense. therefore keep your further batteries along with your further memory card and remove your cameras for a few candid shots at Nagaur cows fair.

Events at Nagaur cows fair

The fair in itself is that the second largest in India that boasts regarding its capabilities, however, the administration has been running it to an adequate degree to be unionized in order that it's simply enjoyed by guests and participants within the cows fair.

Events like tug-of-war ar invariably gift to entertain the individuals with it they organize the artiodactyl race and bullock race that attracts the foremost no. of individuals attention.

During the evening the event organizes a mesmerizing dance and music performance in order that the guests will have an unforgettable day.

The fair runs for regarding four days in order that everybody will come back and revel in since the population suddenly will increase in Nagaur because of the fair.

This fair has been more and {more} attracting a lot of variety of holidaymaker once a year and is taken into account as a crucial fair for any Indian to attend since it showcases the country great thing about Rajasthan and gets you more nearer to the state of colors and tradition.

How to Reach Nagaur

By Air

Nagaur is also reached by flights. the highest field connecting city is Jodhpur field regarding 100 thirty 5 km approach. Flights from Jodhpur connect with the foremost necessary destinations in Bharat like city, Mumbai, Udaipur, and Jaipur. One must rent a cab from Jodhpur to reach Nagaur.

By Rail

Nagaur options a train depot of its own. Jaipur Bikaner Intercity specific connects it to Jaipur and Bikaner whereas Howrah- Jaipur specific connects it to Kolkata. However, there are not any direct trains to and from metropolis and town. One must reach Jaipur for higher train connections.

By Road

By Road, Nagaur is also approached by two routes from Jaipur. the first one is via Sikar whereas the alternative one is via Jodhpur. Rajasthan state transport operates regular services of buses. personal vehicles and taxis in addition ply on the route via Jaipur.

Dates for 2019

The dates for 2019 ar from tenth Feb to thirteenth Feb, therefore, reach Nagaur around this era to relish the fair at its utmost peak.

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