Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park


An Archaeological Park which totally defines its name because with over 100 monuments in this park you will never be left with anything less than a magical experience. With only some steps away from the famous Qutub Minar it is the perfect getaway for anyone coming in Delhi to see something which is unexplored and unique in its own sense.

As soon as you take your first step in this park a breeze of history will shiver you from inside since this park holds over 1000 years old History of Delhi which only grows its significance among the history lovers.

With a beautiful Garden sitting right at its base, it not only excites the history lovers but also the nature lovers since it has lot of flowers, birds and insects all around it to entertain you throughout the day.

Because of its ruined architecture combining with beautiful tombs and mesmerizing environment it is the perfect place for any photographer trying to capture life in the city of Delhi.


Things to See in Mehrauli Archaeological Park


  • Tomb of Balban

Considered by many as the first true dome built ever. Built around 1287 CE in a rubble masonry, this tomb still is very important in the history of Indo-Islamic architecture.


  • Lal Kot

The oldest place in this archaeological park was built around 1052 A.D. by Tomara rulers. This is one of the biggest attraction in fort and will be worth every time you spend here.


  • Jamali Kamali Mosque and tomb

“Jamali” means “Beauty” and it justify that title completely. Since these two adjacent buildings are as much as beautiful it can be. With one building being the mosque and other being the 2 tombs of Jamali and Kamali.


  • Quli Khan’s tomb

This tomb is forgotten by the beauty surrounded by other places in this park. Secluded in a corner this remarkable architecture will give you peace and freeze you by its beauty. It is even more thrilling because of its seclusion and as soon as you enter this area there will be no one around you.


  • Gandhak ki Baoli

The largest step well ever built in Delhi. A perfect definition of symmetry and excellence in terms of the way it has been built. Built by during the rule of emperor Iltutmish aka Altamash.


  • Rajon Ki baoli

Although not that big but this baoli is grand in its every piece from its name to the stone carved in the big walls surrounding this Baoli.


  • Madhi Masjid

This place served both as a place of worship and as a watchtower to keep a watch on the movements of an alien army. It has a huge burj like gate which resembles Hindu architecture.


  • Jahaz Mahal

Built for the purpose of pleasure during Lodhi Dynasty being a sarai or inn for Kings.

Other places you must visit

  • Zafar Mahal

  • Hauz-i-Shashmi

  • Tomb of Adham Khan

Mehrauli Archaeological park timings

This park is open from 5 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.. Thus you will have ample of time to explore this remarkable park.

Entry fees: You don’t need to pay entry fees to enter this amazing park since its free for anyone who is visiting here.

How to Reach

Nearest Metro Station is “Qutub Minar” from here you can walk or take an auto directly to Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

It is only 14 kms away from IGI International Airport.

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