Losar Festival 2019

Losar Festival 2019

Losar Festival

The Losar festival in an annual engagement of the Tibetan Budhhism. The dates of the festival vary depending upon the location where it is being celebrated. As of now the Losar festival is organised in three different sites of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan and the variations can be witnessed among the three of them because of the ranging traditional beliefs of the area.

The dates of the Losar Festival 2019

This festival is generally celebrated to mark the beginning of New Year as per the lunisolar Tibetan calendar and the dates generally coincide with the month of February of the Gregorian calendar.

In Nepal, the variation of the festival is called as Lhochhar and is celebrated eight weeks before the celebration of the Tibetan Losar.

The festival lasts for 15 days in Tibet however the first three days attract the main celebrations which is the reason of confusion among the many travellers regarding the time period of the festival.  For the year 2019 in India, the Losar festival is about to begin on 5th of February and will last for three days due to the restrictions imposed.

What is Losar Festival all about?

The term Losar means ‘New Year’ and is the main reason marks the beginning of a year and is celebrated then only. The festival begins on the very first day of the 11th month of the lunar calendar.

The festival was first celebrated in the 17th century, two months before the actual New year as instructed by the King Jamyang Namgyal. The reason behind this decision was the planning to lead and win a battle against their enemies during the time of New year which was an obstruction with the strategy. The plan worked and the empire strengthened and ever since then, the Losar festival is celebrated in remembrance of the same with a level of enthusiasm and excitement which never seems to fade away.

The celebration of the Losar festival 2019

The festival is celebrated in Ladakh in India and the preparations are embarking. The locals in the area begin with cleaning their homes and preparing for performances which will be seen in several monasteries. Just like any other major festival of India, this one also discards old items from homes and new ones are bought on the auspicious occasion. The masks form an integral part of the festival and the spirit with which it is celebrated in the Tibet is the same in Ladakh as well, meaning the Losar has immense importance in the region.

People store their necessities for the extensive meal like grains, sheep, goats so they can appreciate the fine taste with companions and relatives at night. They enlighten their homes with lights, which looks them an appealing look. The ornamented sanctuaries look wonderful at night. Individuals fix pictures of ibex on the dividers of their kitchen and on the entryways which is considered as favourable. Icons of ibex, which is an image of fertility in the culture, made of dough are kept on the racks of kitchen for the inflow of good fortunes.

Individuals offer food to God and welcome their older folks in the family just as their relatives on this day. The more youthful individuals go out to meet and welcome their relatives in the region though, the senior individuals remain back home to respect their more youthful relatives. The khatak scarf is carried as a gift during these visits. On the eve of Losar, individuals following Islam and the Christianity also visit the Buddhist associates and companions to witness the authenticity and richness of the culture.

What Ladakh offers along with Losal festival 2019?

Everything about Ladakh is thrilling. Touring spots are one of a kind here. Nothing here is adage with regards to tropical goal. Roam around and in the city on yak's back or appreciate extraordinary Tibetan shopping, reflection of religious communities and taste the unrivalled pink tea.

It is safe to say that you are prepared to visit this desert spring of normal magnificence? With cloisters that are a few centuries old, this old wild place stands separated from the clamouring city life. This is the place for the individuals who are young at their heart. Now you got to decide if you are prepared to appreciate the snow and mountain in the rawest shape conceivable.

Safari, trekking, outdoors, mountain biking, shake ascending and shopping are a portion of the various fascinating exercises that anticipates you in Ladakh. This white fruitless ice desert adds a pleasant touch to your recollections.

How to Reach Losar festival 2019 in Ladakh?

Ladakh is the adventure capital of India and is situated in northern most state of Jammu and Kashmir. The main attraction of Ladakh is the geographical location of the city and it is also very well connected by all means of transport available.

Reach Ladakh by Air:

The nearest airport to the location is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located in Leh. The airport is an army terminal and there is a possibility that the security will be a bit stringent as compared to other airports of the country. The flights land here from various international airports and from cities like Jammu, Chandigarh and others.

Reach Ladakh by Train:

SMVDK in Katra is the nearest station to Ladakh at a distance of 700 kilometers. It takes on an average two days to each Ladakh from here and one can enjoy the beauty of the landscape on the way. Cabs are available which are destined for Ladakh and the station connects well to main cities of India.

Reach Ladakh by bike:

Most visitors visit Ladakh on bikes. The place has the world's best three most elevated mountain passes that can be scaled on a vehicle. Biking along the mountain passes and ceasing for some tea is the notable attraction of this place. The most preferred bike routes are Leh-Srinagar highway which is active from May to October. The other one is Leh-Manali highway which is open during May to September.

By Sugandha Singh on February 02, 2019

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