The best place for art lovers in the city of dreams is the Jehangir Art Gallery, in Mumbai, India. As the name says art gallery, one can easily expect it to be filled with art and explorations in the area.


The Jehangir Art gallery was built in the year 1952 and was followed by the inauguration on 21 January, 1952 by then Chief Minister of Mumbai Mr. B. G Kher.

Jehangir art gallery is dedicated in the memory of Sir Cowasji's late son, Jehangir and he is the one who has funded the entire cost of constructing this art gallery.

The complex of the gallery includes the popular cafe of Samovar, which is reminiscent of the 1970s socialist culture. Its history is linked with the renaissance of Indian art and is a huge mammoth institute in itself.



This place is more than just being a gallery. It also functions as an auditorium which serves the purpose right with its curved inwards design.

Jehangir art gallery is one of the early notions of the inward looking art galleries in the city. The availability of the gallery as an auditorium left no scope for the gallery to be open towards the roads. The work done with concrete can be easily seen with a large wavy cantilevered entrance which embraces the street.



Since the gallery has been created with warmth of art and memories, it levies no charges to unfold the treasures to the outside world. There are no entry fees to be paid to visit the gallery.



Jehangir art gallery and the Samovar restaurant have been featured in a Bollywood film in 1975, Choti Si Baat.

The gates of the Jehangir Art Gallery await the art lovers to come over and explore. The travelling to this particular place is easy as it is well known among the people of the city. There are cab services, taxis and public transport available which can lead the explorer straight to the magnificent gallery.

It’s time to Explore!!

By IsitaThapa, 4 January, 2019.

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