Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

India's biggest mosque where up to 500 people come daily at evening to do their routinely namaaz.

A jewel in the Mughal architecture, Jama Masjid has always been the most talked about place when anyone hears about the Mughal history. Situated at a close distance from Red Fort this mosque was built by the 5th Mughal Ruler Shah Jahan for his people and it signifies the royalty and finesse under the duration of Mughal Empire.

The beauty of it can be stalked from a long distance in the streets of Chandani Chowk. On Fridays, approximately 10,000 people come to Jama Masjid for their weekly Jumma namaaz and find peace in their heart.

It is situated at the heart of Delhi in Chandani Chowk with surrounded everywhere by food and sharbat along with Muslim clothes at a reasonable price which can be purchased by everyone. 

It is an absolute delight for any backpacker trying to enjoy the Mughal architecture at its best and explore the carvings and designs present on the walls of Jama Masjid. 

Jama Masjid Architecture

With long stairs leading towards the masjid you walk up to its Huge and beautiful Gate which provides an entry pass for anyone who is visiting here. There are 3 gates to this Masjid when it was completed in 1656 AD. After entering you see the real Jama Masjid which everyone talks about with 3 big domes standing above the ground supported by a strong but exquisite base with 2 minars about 40 m high on each side standing long and tall.

It has been constructed by using red sandstone and white marble thus combining the most significant colors in the history of Mughals. 

With exquisite calligraphy and detailed wall carvings, your eyes will never be bored of watching these fantastic designs in Jama Masjid.

Its courtyard can accommodate up to 25,000 people and it has spread over 408 feet square.

With the combining high arches and domes made by marble, this beauty is one of the most beautiful architecture in the long list of Mughals constructions.

How to reach Jama Masjid

By metro: Closest metro station is "Jama Masjid".(this is the best way to reach Jama Masjid).

Jama Masjid is only 26 km away from IGI International Airport of Delhi so you can come here even if you have very less time as the metro only takes 1 hr only.

Best time to visit

Jama Masjid is the only monument in Delhi which is opened throughout the year but the visiting time vary according to different days.

But I will strongly advise you not to visit on Friday any time during the day since it is filled with people coming for their Namaaz and the entry can also be restricted.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees to go inside Jama Masjid.

Helpful Tips

  • Don't forget to eat food near Jama Masjid as it is world famous especially Chicken Nahari of Karim's.
  • Always wear full-length clothes since they don't allow any body part to be open when visitng Jama Masjid.
  • Try not to get fooled by the people there since they overcharge for keeping your shoes and sandal.

by Kislay Rai Pradhan on 10th January 2019.

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