Indian Rural Tourism Destinations

Indian Rural Tourism Destinations

The real India resides in villages since centuries. The main attraction among the foreign tourists to see real India. Village Tourism includes breathing fresh air, smelling the aroma of wet soil, agriculture which is the backbone of India, experience of staying in mud houses, seeing Indian women preparing Rotis and other Indian dishes on Chullahs, making handicrafts items and mud utensils.

Choose this season about Rural Tourism of India for warm welcome. Scheme a trip for it to experience actual India.


Providing you the list below of the Rural Tourism Destinations of India:-


Pipili – famous for  Art and Crafts since 10th century


Hodka – famous for desert mud houses


Lachung and Lachen - famous for Glaciers and Waterfalls.


Bishnoi villages - famous for rich Indian culture for those who are nature and animal lovers


Kila Raipur – famous for sports festival.


Majuli – famous for world’s largest river Island, Brahmaputra


Karaikudi – popular for best rural destination and temples, appeared in many South Indian Movies.

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