Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village also referred by Delhiites as HKV is the only place in Delhi which will serve everything for any type of Travel enthusiast whether its a Fun lover Young group of friends or Peace lover history enthusiast. It is the best place to relax in Delhi as quoted by many since it has a large park, ruined architecture and a peaceful lake with lots and lots of cafes for a mouthful delight.

Hauz Khas Fort

With everyone carrying their camera around this place for years there is a reason for its popularity since it has never been untouched from the college crowd.

The absolute ruined beauty of this fort has been mesmerizing many pictures of Delhi with sunrise and sunset creating the perfect backdrop of beauty over the Hauz Khas lake. With sun reflecting its peaceful rays after hitting the shimmering water of Lake and hits your eyes with absolute grace creating the picture perfect moment for anyone who visits here.

Couples, friends, and families everyone comes here to enjoy and explore this ruined fort.

Delightful food in HKV

Cafes on your left and cafes on your right define this place perfectly.

From Luscious Drinks to scrumptious food found in these cafes attracts crowd from all over the world. Eating a non-veg pasta and cheesy pizza are must have combined with tasty mojito's.

With tea and coffee cafes everywhere you can go along date with your perfect partner all day long and forget all your worries.

So you will never be out of option for food when visiting HKV village.

Deer Park

Yes this village has lots of things to entertain you, even a park filled with lots and lots of Deers. With these Deers around you in this beautiful park you can stroll around this park as much as you want.

There will be lots and lots of dogs which will sit forever beside you for a cuddle or a piece of food.

Hauz Khas Lake

A shimmering lake which is the main attraction of Hauz Khas village and your visit will be worthless unless you take a walk around this lake.

This lake is very big and holds a lot of families and friends throughout the day enjoying themselves clicking pictures besides this beautiful lake.

During evening this lake is the most romantic places in Delhi with a slight drop in temperature and picturesque sunset beside this lake.

How to Reach:

The closest Metro Station Green Park Metro Station from here you can take a Auto or book a cab which will cover your next 2 km.

Only 18 km away fro Internation IGI airport of New Delhi you can reach here easily from Airport through Metro.

by Kislay Rai Pradhan on January 10th 2019


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