When we talk about Mumbai, the Gateway of India is the first place to strike your mind to visit. All of you are surely aware of this historic monument but barely know the history behind it. So, here we are to provide you with more knowledge regarding the history of The Gateway of India in Mumbai.

The Gateway of India was built during 20th century in Mumbai, India. It is an arch monument built on the purpose to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary in India on 1911.

The monument was built on the land of crude jetty, which was known to be the land of Fishing community; later the land got renovated as the major place of landing for every British Governor or known personalities.
The Gateway of India was unveiled on December 4, 1924 by the Viceroy (the Earl of Reading). Between 1915 and 1919, work proceeded at Apollo Bundar Port to reclaim the land on which the gateway and the new sea wall would be built. The foundations were completed in 1920 and construction was finished in 1924.

The Gateway of India is a unique design presented by Mr. George Wittet who combined the elements of the Roman triumphal arch making this16th century design from Gujrat a combination of two specific religions. The arch resembles Muslim culture and the designs on the monument are of Hindus.

The central dome of the monument is about 48 feet in diameter, with a total height of 83 feet. In addition to it, there are steps constructed behind the arch of the Gateway that leads to the Arabian Sea.

The Gateway of India is located on the waterfront at Apollo Bunder area at the end of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg, in South Mumbai and overlooks the Arabian Sea.

25 August, 2003 was a day of disaster, when the Gateway of India had witnessed the massive terrorist attack and the bomb blast left trails of blood. This monument has also witnessed 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai.

The Gateway of India is full of wells of information. The monument has also been referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai and is the city's top tourist attraction. Mumbai is no way long to reach as Farehawker is always at your service for tickets in most reasonable price.
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By Isita Thapa, 4 January, 2019.

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