Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli

An architectural marvel with 108 steps and 3 stories with a dried well at the end of it is the Baoli of Raja Agrasen also known as Ugrasen Ki Baoli. This site has been kept away for well and good from the chaotic and loud life of Delhi and it has been perfectly visited by the locals of Delhi for some peaceful getaways.

Agrasen ki Baoli is under the category of the protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India to keep it protected from the foolishness of humanity which has been keen on to destroy the historical monuments. It is as long as 60m and wide as 15m which shows the grandness for the purpose it was serving.

It has been rumored mythically that this Baoli was constructed during the times of Mahabharata which amazes a person even more, that how much time it has endured through these years and still retaining its rustic charm.

It is so marvellous the way it has been built especially during the days when it was built since the heavy rocks it has been standing on is a sight to behold thus creating perfect reflection historical architecture.

This sight creates perfect lines of symmetry and colour thus you can click as many as pictures you ca with working with shadows during sunset and sunlight and it has attracted numerous Bollywood directors to direct their movies at this baoli since it is a heaven for cameramen to shoot at. So don't forget to carry your camera when you visit this site.

How to Reach

The nearest metro to reach Agrasen ki Baoli is Janpath or Barakhambha Metro Station since it is at walking distance from both of the metro station.

It is only 20 km away from IGI airport terminal 3 an can be easily reached via metro or cab. 

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Best time to visit

Early mornings are the best time to visit here since there are very less people and if there are any they will be the photographer only. Apart from mornings, you can visit here during sunset since the light composition will be perfect for you to click some pictures or just visit this site.

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